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[IP] Paradigm upgrade

> I've had similar discussions with my wife regarding both pumps, and
> constantly telling me that I'm basically saying the Animas is better - or
> that it has fewer drawbacks. And I'm always saying back to her, "well, yeah,
> but the Paradigm looks cooler."

It may seem at first glance to be a "shallow" reason for preferring a
pump, but let's face it  -- when you're going to be wearing something 24
hours a day, every day, its size and appearance DO matter.  I have a
Paradigm, and I admit that one of the things I liked about it was that
it was small and looked so much like a pager.  I wasn't sure I wanted to
constantly be wearing something that looked big, clunky, and "strange".

That wasn't the ONLY thing I liked about the Paradigm, of course. (I
definitely don't think appearance should be our *primary* concern!!)
It had all the features I wanted, and I liked the fact that it came with
a remote control.  (I haven't actually used the remote control yet, but
it seems like it would be VERY convenient if one was wearing formal
attire and was using one of those leg -- or bra! -- pouches.)

For me, the "drawback" of the small reservoir is actually an advantage.
My insulin doses are low, and I don't think I'd want a 300-unit
reservoir.  I'd be afraid that by the time it took me to use 300 units,
the insulin would start losing potency due to temperature.  (I'm pretty
sure the insulin in my pump probably stays a little above room
temperature because of body heat;  my pump will frequently feel "warm"
when I touch it).  As it is, I don't even usually fill my Paradigm
reservoir completely full.

Also, Disetronic is not an in-network provider on my insurance, so that
pretty much eliminated them as a possibility.  Animas IS in their
network (as is MiniMed), but my endo recommended either Dis. or MM
because they're the "established" companies and he thought they had
better service and support.  (hearing from all the satisfied Animas
users here, however, that advice may have been a little questionable!)

Overall, I'm VERY happy with the Paradigm and would choose it again.
However, I can see where the small reservoir would be a problem for
some.  Good luck with your choice!!

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