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[IP] Girl Scout badge

.I really think that the point is being missed on what Girl Scouting is trying
to achieve.  I am sure that someone with anyone of those diseases could point
out some fallacy and feel discriminated against by the way it was written.
However, as a Girl Scout Leader, my Juniors understand that the badge book and
handbook are guidelines and presented ideas.  The whole point of them earning
the badges is to discover for themselves differences in people: race,
religion, health.  Their statement is merely that changing your lifestyle can
sometimes alter the potential for future health problems.  The girls in their
RESEARCH will discover that sometimes certain kinds of diabetes cannot be.  A
good leader will research this with them and maybe even have a health care
provider come into the meeting to help clarify.  I just had a nurse at one of
our meetings to discuss puberty and the changes that physically and
emotionally are occurring.   The girls are learning from this research
hopefully sensitivity and accurate knowledge.  Heck even a health science
college course cant get it right you certainly cant expect Girl Scouts to make
that clarification in a one sentence directive.


Is it really 100% true that if one eliminates all the known lifestyle risk
for T2, one eliminates the possibility of having it at all? Yes, I'm
addressing the
GS badge thing again,  and I certainly support the idea of encouraging our
people to adopt healthy lifestyles, but...to state unequivocally that T2 is
result solely of lifestyle choices, without also stating that  l. some people
unhealthy lifestyles choices will not get it, and 2. that given identical sets
risk factors, heredity plays a very important role in determining who will or
get T2. It's so easy to tell young people to "just take care of yourself and
be OK" but in the name of truth and sensitivity, these GS'ers should know that
same  "biological" cards aren't dealt to all of us.
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