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[IP] Re:Guy, why wait to start pumping ?!?

Guy Noce <email @ redacted> wrore:

 "...After receiving results of my recent A1C
(6.8), he decided that my control was pretty good and that I needed to
wait.  I'm looking for good counter-arguments."

Oooh, seeing red here....Is your doctor (endo?) a diabetic?  If so, how does
he control his glucose?  If not, suggest he try your daily routines for 2
Also, is that "good" A1c frought with wide swings so that you are really
getting a false sense of control?  If you're having lots of highs and lows,
the the A1c means very little.  Does this doctor see lots of pumpers?  Sort
of sounds like he's not up to snuff on current tx recommendations to us.
Pumping can provide so much freedom, and has the opportunity for even better
control.  Tell that doc that "pretty good" isn't your aim, excellent is!
Also, maybe share with him what Gale Love, a new member just wrote in her
profile:"My doctor wants me to try the pump. He says my A1c will be better
and I won't have to do
all of the injections (which will be a relief)."
In addition, "email @ redacted" (sorry, you didn't sign post and we don't
recall your name) shared in a recent message:

"Insulin pump therapy in the 21st century. Strategies for successful use in
adults, adolescents, and children with diabetes.

Bode BW, Tamborlane WV, Davidson PC.

Diabetes Resource Center, Atlanta Diabetes Associates, 77 Collier Rd NW,
Suite 2080, Atlanta, GA 30309, USA. email @ redacted

Intensive diabetes management can be achieved in adults, adolescents, and
children with use of CSII. Compared with MDI, CSII has better insulin
pharmacokinetics, less variability in insulin absorption, and decreased risk
of hypoglycemia; it also offers patients greater flexibility in
Careful adjustment of basal and bolus doses and close follow-up, including
patient education, are vital to the success of CSII."

If your doctor doesn't want to hear all that, then maybe he needs to hear
that you think a new doctor is the next step.

Marj; Mike (I'm not into computers, but glad to be on this list); and "Ace,
the PP" (portable pancreas)
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