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[IP] Re: Convincing physician

At 08:53 AM 6/12/02, you wrote:
>Guy Noce <email @ redacted>
>BC/BS recently approved my pump, a Medtronic Paradigm, which I chose
>because of its size, weight and water fastness.  I've had two weeks of
>practice with saline in the pump and was ready to go on insulin pending
>my physician's approval.  After receiving results of my recent A1C
>(6.8), he decided that my control was pretty good and that I needed to
>wait.  I'm looking for good counter-arguments.

Hi Guy,

Let me tell you my story.  I've been insulin dependent for 39 years, was 
dx'd at 11.  A couple years ago, I decided that an insulin pump was a much 
better way for me to control the diabetes and improve my quality of 
life.  Since my A1c's at that time were in the 5 range, my endo decided 
that I didn't need a pump since my control was "very good".  Before my next 
visit with him, I wrote down all my insulin doses, what I ate and graphed 
my bgs.  The graphs showed the constant up and down of my bg.  I would 
range anywhere from 30-300 and back again all within hours.  When he saw 
the charts, that convinced him.  He became very pro for getting me a pump 
and we both are now convinced that it was the best way to go.  So, perhaps 
your doctor needs a visual look at your control, not just the test 
results.  Remember, a picture is worth 1,000 words.  Btw, if you are 
already approved for the pump, I would tell him if he doesn't help you with 
it, you will find someone else who will.

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