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RE: [IP] Paradigm upgrade

John Kellenberger wrote:
oh yea, I forgot,  " it has an improved reservoir that holds 176 units
you prime the tubing - great, I use between 50 and 60 units/day so maybe I
make 3 days if I squeeze.  "So", I tell my wife, "that is why I'm trading

John and All,

I could really relate to all you had to say about why you were "trading up"
to the Paradigm. I'm in the process - STILL - of trying to decide whether I
want to go with the Paradigm or with the Animas R1000. 

I've had similar discussions with my wife regarding both pumps, and
constantly telling me that I'm basically saying the Animas is better - or
that it has fewer drawbacks. And I'm always saying back to her, "well, yeah,
but the Paradigm looks cooler."

Ridiculous, I know. But I'm just having so much trouble getting past that
indescribable "fudge-factor" that keeps nudging me towards the Paradigm. I
know the Animas pump has all the covers and stuff, but I'm not crazy about
them. How stupid do I sound, worrying about what this thing looks like. 

It's really not all that, though. There are definitely features that I like
better with the Paradigm. I guess it would be so much easier making this
decision if there were something about one of the pumps that I really hated.

One thing about the R1000 that I really don't like is the Audio Bolus button
(I think that's what it's called), that button on the side. For me, it's
hard to push, it's awkward,  and for some reason the pump feels unresponsive
when I'm using this feature. Hard to explain but just something that's not
sitting right with me. 

I haven't had any problems with the Paradigm that I'm experimenting with,
except for a low battery alarm that I received right out of the box. But I
popped in a new one and things are fine so far. I've actually connected the
pump to myself via an infusion set - but I'm just pumping saline. 

I'll tell you non-pumpers out there who are considering a pump, it's a whole
new ballgame when you're actually connected to one of these things. I slept
with it last night and got very little sleep, probably because I was worried
about getting something important tangled up in the tubing. I think every
time I rolled over I woke up and thought about that pump. Then there was
getting dressed for work, which really wasn't as difficult as I had imagined
it might be. 

Then there's customer service. Animus has been fantastic as far as the reps
(mine is Dave Horton) keeping in touch with me. Of course he wants to close
the deal, but he's a good representative of the company. My Paradigm rep is
a great guy, as well, so I can't say that I'll go with one pump or the other
based on my contact with the companies so far. 

Maybe things would be a whole lot easier if one of them would just throw in
a free vacation to Hawaii, or some such place. When I started on this
journey, I had no idea it would be a journey.

Sorry for rambling; I didn't mean to go on so long.

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