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[IP] Disconnecting from Quick-Set

How do you disconnect from the Quick-Set while it is inserted for swimming, 
showers etc.

I had a terrible time the first few times I tried to disconnect......but then 
I had to call MiniMed about something else, and the person on the phone said 
to disconnect.  I thought to myself, (I hope he has a few hours to spare, 
this is gonna take a long time). So I was in a hurry, and without thinking 
too much and without putting a lot of effort into it.  It came of remarkably 
easy.  Since that time I've realized, I was too nervous trying to take it off 
before, (trying to do everything correctly). 

All I needed to do was relax, I squeeze the 2 sides gently (at the hook up on 
your body) not forcefully, turned the X to the other X.  Done.  To reattach, 
reverse the procedure.  Line up the X's and move the X to the straight line.

Hope this helps,
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