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Re: [IP] They Need Our Help!!!

>From: email @ redacted
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>Subject: Re: [IP] They Need Our Help!!!
>Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 20:10:03 EDT
>I don't understand something.  In your first email you stated you were a 
>  In the second email, you said you were a veterinarian.  Please explain.

I went to veterinary school and graduated with an advanced degree in 
endocrinology regarding large animals a few years back.  Shortly after I 
graduated from veterinary school, I became a certified diabetes educator.  
Because I felt fortunate enough to have a career I loved and that basically 
paid the bills, I decided to donate my time as a CDE, especially with 
children.  Most of the time, patients do not see a CDE unless or until they 
go for a doctor's visit.   A large portion of the time children in low 
encome families see a physician on a limited basis, but still may need 
aditional help and support.... that is what I do.  You do not necessarily 
have to be a physician to be a CDE.  I do this because I want to give back 
to my community and help children that may not have the best resources to 
begin with.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to address 

Chance Fisher

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