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[IP] Re: Question about Paradigm Battery

> Thanks Ember.  A  6 hour warning would seem to be a problem because if you
> slept for 6 1/2 hours or more, you would run the risk of your pump going dead
> while you sleep.  I'm still not sure if I'm trading up.  Funny things are
> making me skeptical.

I've always been able to change my Paradigm batteries pretty promptly
once I get the "low battery" alarm, so I don't really know how much time
you have.  However, once you get the low battery alarm, from what I can
tell it beeps every 15 minutes until you acknowledge the alarm (the
vibrate mode won't work in a low battery condition).  True, the beep
isn't all that loud, but if it was going off every 15 minutes while I
was asleep, I'm pretty sure it would eventually wake me up.  (I guess it
depends on how sound a sleeper you are, though).

I do sometimes worry about my "low battery" alarm hitting in a situation
where beeping electronic devices would be considered rude (like in
church or something).  I always have my pump set to vibrate, but as I
mentioned, the low battery alarm overrides the vibrate mode (which is
understandable, but I wish at least the initial alert could vibrate, and
after that it could give you beeps if you don't clear the alarm).

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