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[IP] They Need Our Help!!!

Greetings fellow pumpers!

My name is Chance Fisher and I have been pumping for 18 years.  I am a CDE 
and I volunteer my time with pediatric pumpers.  I have been volunteering a 
large portion of my time with two special kids named Rosalie and Sophia, 
identical twins, age 7.  I and many other health professionals struggled to 
get these two children on pumps and after almost a year, succeeded. I 
donated my old 508 and another person donated one. The mother is a single 
parent and without insurance of any kind.  Because she is employed, she does 
not qualify for public assistance.  Two nights ago, the family's home that 
they rented became engulfed in flames.  They lost everything, including the 
family's two cats.  The two girls also lost every pump supply they had.

Everyone on this list knows first hand how hard it is sometimes to make
getting diabetes supply work.  And we all have a heart, so what I am asking 
everyone on the list is that if they have any type of below mentioned 
supplies just laying around or some that they would not mind parting with to 
donate to Rosalie and Sophia, PLEASE pass me an e-mail!!!

I took it upon myself to donate two Accu-Chek Advantage blood glucose 

The twins are in need of the following items for their 508 MiniMed pumps:

Accu-Chek Advantage test strips
pump batteries
Polyskins or other pump adhesives/tapes
Infusion sets......they are used to the Quick Release Polyfin Bent Needle 
and Soft-Set, but because of the circumstances, any would be appreciated!
Humalog Insulin (For Rosalie)
Novolog Insulin (For Sophia)

I know this is a lot to ask, but these little girls need our help.  Please, 
if you can help get back to me.

God Bless,

Chance Fisher

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