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Re: [IP] Re: (IP)Annoyed with Girl Scout Badge Requirement

> Here's a copy of the letter I'm sending to the Girl Scouts.  Does it sound 
> okay to everyone here?

I think your letter sound good.

Kind of funny, but my dear son's girlfriend is studying health sciences in college.  They had a class on diabetes and the prof said that "all adults
are type 2". She, of course, raised her hand up and said that's not true.
Throughout the hour lecture, she said there were five things she had to
raise her hand to correct the prof on.

Do they think that type 1's just die when they hit adulthood, or maybe that
when you turn 21 you turn into a type 2?

How sad that people going into health services and studying in college are
taught this.

Judi in MI
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