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Re: [IP] Re: (IP)Annoyed with Girl Scout Badge Requirement

> At 03:51 AM 6/11/2002, you wrote:
> >Sylvia, T2 is not that the body is resistant, but rather that the 
> >pancrease doesn't produce enough insulin and requires stimulation in order 
> >to produce a sufficient amount, and thus the need to stay on a stricter 
> >diet because unlike T1 where we can give ourselves the extra insulin 
> >required for the carbs if we want to fudge a little, T2 control requires 
> >less fudging, however they still need to test there BS and keep 
> >records.   Scott

While T1 is pretty straight forward (i.e. the body kills off the 
islet cells), T2 is a collection of well over a dozen different 
conditions that involve insulin resistance, loss of insulin 
production capacity, hormonal imbalance, the list goes on.....
I'm not sure there is even agreement in the medical community on the 
exact definition of the variations of T2. The bottom line is a loss 
of bg control. Because some naturally produced insulin is still 
effective, body mass becomes important since production is usually 
constant without regard to body mass while bg control is directly 
related to production per unit of body mass -- that's why weight loss 
can improve control ... it effectively makes more insulin available 
to the "remaining" body mass.

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