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Re: [IP] Question about Paradigm Battery

My CDE (who is also a diabetic using a paradigm) told me you have about 6 
hours from the time the alarm goes off to replace the battery. They're 
really easy to cary around, though - I just keep a spare or two in the case 
with my bg meter. (As a new pumper, I tend to be over prepared, so I 
probably manage to have at least 6 batteries on me at all times ;) )

Type 1 7 years, pumping with "Buzz" the Pardigm for 3 weeks.

>I'm still considering the upgrade but haven't heard or seen how long you 
>after the alarm to change the battery.  I thought I saw a warning about 
>topic earlier.  I know you have one minuete after you remove the old 
>but how long between warning and removal?    Thanks.    jk

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