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[IP] Re: Paradigm Update

I have had my paradigm for two weeks.  It has performed flawlessly.  So far, 
I have not had to change the AAA battery.  So I have yet to experience a 
short battery life.   I use anywhere from 45-90 units a day and average about 
48 hours in-between changes due to low reservoir warnings.   I do wish the 
reservoir was bigger but I also wish I required less insulin.  It holds about 
180 units and takes about 10-12 units to prime.  Because of the "quick set" 
infusion set design, one could disconnect the old line/reservoir set from the 
canula at the site and just run a new line from a replacement reservoir into 
the old site, but then you waste the canula from the new line you just 
replaced as the all come together in an infusion set pack.  One could just 
part out the infusion set, changing a line there, and canula there,  but then 
you have open packages open to bugs-  and whole knows what bugs are going to 
land on them.  I just want to get the set in ASAP after opening a sterile 
box-  Bottom-line, since your going to have to change the site within another 
24 hours anyway, why risk infection?  I'm not knocking those who use various 
methods to refill reservoirs etc.......but it's not for me- Any way, for now, 
I have decided to just change the entire set-But if anyone is doing anything 
different that has worked, please let me know-   I have used it in the shower 
but I am not up on swimming with it.  I'm not concerned over the pump getting 
wet but more concerned about the site being irritated by being soaked.  The 
pump is very simple to operate and requires minimal steps to do programming 
re: square bolus, dual square bolus etc......I'm a ham radio operator, and I 
know what the frustration level is when you purchase high end electronics 
unit only to see it fail. But even the best equipment has a bad batch 
produced.  Just look at the space shuttle-  I just hope my pump is one of the 
99% that makes it out in good working order.   I am disappointed to hear of 
others who have had poor repair time with MM.  They have been very good to me 
and I have not had any problems yet- 

Bryon Veal
email @ redacted     
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