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Re: [IP] Blood Sugar Meters

>    Hi Guys,
> Love this site. It is awesome. I'm getting my paradigm
> in 2 weeks, I need a new meter to check my BS, not
> real good about doing it any way. Any suggestions.
> Thanks Bonne Cowger-Roszel Raleigh,NC

I like the Therasense FreeStyle (www.therasense.com). The overwhelming
feature is its very small sample size (0.3 ul). None of the other meters
match this. What it means is I can do alternate site testing all the time.
This is a GREAT advantage if you are at all reluctant to test.

A related feature is that the meter will not start  until it has enough
blood. You can even add blood from a second site if the first is too small.
Some of the other meters will run without an adequate sample and give a low
reading it they are not completely filled. This combination of features
means that you can experiment to find the absolutely smallest size sample

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