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Re: [IP] Re: (IP)Annoyed with Girl Scout Badge Requirement


  My personal opinion is that this is pretty harsh and some of the info is 
inaccurate.  You may want to just utilize this opportunity to 'teach' the 
troop something about diabetes, like the difference between T1 and T2 but 
don't accuse them of teaching kids to starve themselves and make them sick.  
That just isn't productive.  I TOTALLY understand your frustration but these 
types of things are being printed or stated because no one TAUGHT them 
anything different.

I am not a medical person but my understanding of T2 is not that , in 
general, they lack enough insulin, it is that their bodies become insulin 
resistant, thus the need for the medications to 'retrain' their bodies, if 
you will, to utilize the insulin they are producing.  I'm sure you will get 
more responses from your post and perhaps someone will correct me if I'm 
mistaken.  I just hope you try and reconsider the tone of your letter and 
perhaps be a role model and teach the Scouts something instead!

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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