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RE: [IP] Annoyed with Girl scout badge requirement.

Thanks Wendy, personally I think one of the real tragedies here is that
the scouts organization may at the same time be inadvertently sending
the wrong message to some of its young type 1 diabetics that their
condition may have been preventable or been caused by something they did
themselves! Yikes. 


Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 18:34:16 +0000
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Annoyed with Girl scout badge requirement.

Hi All my pumping friends,
   I am very annoyed with a requirement for one of the 
Girl Scout Junior Badges.  The title is Preventable or 
Inevitable.  The exact words are .."Examine one of the 
following: skin cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease, 
AIDs, diabetes. Write the illness on a sheet of paper.  
Divide the paper in half.  On one side, list the causes 
of the disease that can be prevented.  For example, you 
can prevent osteoporosis by eating foods rich in 
calcium. On the other side, list causes of the disease 
that cannot be prevented.  For example more women than 
men suffer from osteoporosis- and they can't do anything 
about that.  Look at the list of causes that are 
considdered preventable. Using your list come up with 
three healthy tips for that disease that young people 
can follow to lower their chances of getting sick.
Am I the only one who finds that they do not 
differentiate between the two types of diabetes 
ludicrous or not. Here is the address to contact Girl 
Scouts with your Complaint email @ redacted  Oh 
yes the patch is "A Healthier You." 
Thank you Wendy, curley blue,mm508, larry the lancer and 
moe the freestyle meter. Together we are the four 

P.S. I will be hosting a chat in the Anytime room for 
those who would like to come.  There is also a chat in 
the guest room about Camp.  Thanks Again _o/
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