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[IP] 508 Rant & Vent

Darned pump!!  I'm feeling VERY frustrated with my 508 right now.  I've had it
18 months.  During that time, it's 'died' on me 3 times!!!  It died the third
time last night after dinner when I needed to bolus and I found the ACT
(activate) button wouldn't work.  This has happened before.

I purchased (with my insurance co) this pump as a new one and the longest it's
gone without failing me is 8 months.  I've always asked for it to be repaired,
then returned back to me.  Now, I'm sending this thing back for good.  The
shortest time I've had it after it's been repaired, then 'died' on me, was 3
months.  For those of you who don't know, MM keeps your pump 2-3 months while
they repair it.  If I do the math, I've only used this pump 13 months, total.
Is that worth 5 grand??

I was out of the country on vacation last January,  with a loaner (because
mine was in the repair shop) when my 508 loaner died too!!  Again, it was the
ACT (activate) button.  Thank goodness I asked for a free travel loaner, just
in case.

I'm a sedentary, stay at home mom, whose biggest workout is doing laundry.
I'm not hard on my pump in any way.  It's never gotten wet, dropped, bumped,
etc.  I always remember I'm wearing a $5000 piece of equipment and treat it

I know the majority of 508 users are pleased as punch with their pump, and I
know there are a few of us who have experienced the same problems I've
described.  I'm inclined to think I've made a terribly wrong decision by
selecting Mini-Med.  If this were a car, I'd call it a LEMON.

Thanks for listening.  I needed to rant and let it out!!  I feel better now.

Tulsa  OK
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