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[IP] Re: Paradigm

Harvey replied to my question below:

Longer tubing, more insulin to fill it up.

> > >2.    How many units of insulin do you use to prime your tubing?

Answer from an IPer:
> > 43" tubing 11-12 units

My reply:
> I'm confused - why wouldn't the tubing require the same amount (20u for
> as the non-Paradigm sets? They said the canula and tubing would be the
> just the connection to the reservoir was different. (~_^)


If you see the first snip, the poster said 43" for the tubing for the
Paradigm. I do not have a Paradigm, but understand that they cannot use the
infusion sets that fit almost *all* the other styles of pumps. The Paradigm
sets have no leur lock, but a different connector - everything else is the
same. So, why would not the 20 units required to fill a 43" SofSet, etc.
also fill the Paradigm 43"  SofSet tubing. This is what the instruction
sheet says, and I prime mine by hand, then prime it for 10u but stop it when
I see a healthy drip come out. That's often less than 3 units for that

One inch of tubing requires .5u insulin. So, 43" divided by .5u is about
22units to fill that tubing. The shorter tubing *23") would require about
10-11 units to fill.

Jan (~_^)
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