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Re: [IP] unexplained high sugars with no illness

One of my CDE has me measure BS 2:00 and 4:00am to make sure there are no lows, if there are my BS at 8:00 am is usually high 3-400 BS. If I am not careful the same rebound can happen in 12 hr. cycles. If I take larger amount of insulin at dinner I wanr the BS to be stable for two hrs, if not I don't go to sleepbelow 150 BS.
good advice. It may be that the 180 with insulin result in a low then the rebount 387, this sounds like me. Please dont take any I say as advice-Just another Diabetic making the same mistakes.
Here is hope for you.
 My 15 year old 
> > went to bed last night at 11 p.m. with a 180 sugar.  He corrected and woke up 
> > at 6:30 a.m. this morning a whopping 387 with moderate ketones.  He bolused, 
> > it didn't come down, so at 10:30 we changed the entire set and site ( he also 
> > changed it the night before).  He finally came down to 255 with no ketones by 
> > 12:30 so I sent him to school.  At 6:30, before dinner, his sugar was 557 
> > with trace ketones.  I gave him an injection and by 9:30 his sugar is 457 
> > with no ketones.  Since I injected him and it didn't come down, I ruled out a 
> > problem with the pump.  He bolused 10 more units and I'm waiting to see what 
> > happens.  
> >   Does anyone have any idea as to what could be going on?  I know I'll be up 
> > all night checking him.
> >    Marilyn
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