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[IP] Re:Paradigm

Date: Sat, 8 Jun 2002 11:35:50 -0700
From: "Lisa Stevenson" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Paradigm

I will be upgrading to the paradigm in two weeks.  I have a few question
all of you who have been paradigming....

1.    How many minutes after the battery warning do you have to replace the
batteries before all your settings get blanked out?  And what kind of
batteries does it use?
One minute.

2.    How many units of insulin do you use to prime your tubing?
Depends upon the length of your tubing. I use about 5 or six units with the
24" set up.

3.    Can you change your set, without changing the tubing and reservoir
you still have enough insulin, but the set just needs to be changed)?
I do it all the time.

4.    Can you get the paradigm wet in salt water?
Minimed does not warn against using this pump in saltwater. They only
mention 30 minutes at depths of 8 ft or less.

5.    What kind of clip does it have and what kind of case to you get with
The pump does not have a clip on it. It comes with a hard plastic sleeve
like clip that will snap onto your belt and also comes with a soft case.

6.    The next step upgrade letter states that I need to bring 3 Paradigm
reservoirs and 3 Paradigm infusion sets.  Do I have to buy a whole box
the class?  I had Minimed send me a few samples of each, but they only sent
of each.
They probably want you to have three for trial and rehearsal. During my
class I only used one of each.

Thanks for any input,

Your welcome for the input.
Mike Chambers
Lebanon, ME
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