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Re: [IP] Paradigm

Answers below(that I am aware of, from my point of view) YMMV.

Ember Crooks
>1.    How many minutes after the battery warning do you have to replace the
>batteries before all your settings get blanked out?  And what kind of
>batteries does it use?
Supposedly you have about 6 hours from the time the battery warning goes off 
until it blanks out. It uses standard AAA batteries (not rechargables). Once 
you take the old battery out, you have 60 seconds to put the new one in 
before you lose settings, and you cannot put an old partially used battery 
in - the pump will not accept it.
>2.    How many units of insulin do you use to prime your tubing?
43" tubing 11-12 units
>3.    Can you change your set, without changing the tubing and reservoir 
>you still have enough insulin, but the set just needs to be changed)?
Never tried it, but I guess you could - they don't sell them seperately.
>4.    Can you get the paradigm wet in salt water?
I believe so... again, never tried it, but they don't caution you against 
>5.    What kind of clip does it have and what kind of case to you get with
No clip directly on the pump - although the manual says there's one. Comes 
with a leather case (with a clip), and the holster clip - both are 
advertised seperately on the mini-med site.
>6.    The next step upgrade letter states that I need to bring 3 Paradigm
>reservoirs and 3 Paradigm infusion sets.  Do I have to buy a whole box 
>the class?  I had Minimed send me a few samples of each, but they only sent 
>of each.

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