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RE: [IP] Cholesterol

Joslin recommends the following:

Your level of HDL (so-called good cholesterol) should be at least 45. Your
level of LDL (so-called bad cholesterol) should be under 100. Your
triglyceride level (another bad fat) should be under 200. 

I fould the following chart on the web that states:

LDL Cholesterol

Less than 100: Optimal 
100 to 129: Near optimal 
130 to 159: Borderline high 
160 to 189: High 
190 or greater: Very high 

HDL Cholesterol 

Less than 40: Low 
60 or greater: High 

Total Cholesterol

Less than 200: Desirable 
200 to 239: Borderline high 
240 or greater: High 

Less than 150: Optimal 
I believe that your overall cholesterol level is calculated by adding the
HDL number to the LDL number and then adding some percentage of the
triglycerides.  Can someone confirm, deny this?

I believe when some one was told to keep their cholesterol level below 100,
they were really told to keep their LDL under that.  

-- Sherry
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