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Re: [IP] Re: insulin requirements

> I seemed to have created a few  questions with my  comment  about my
insulin requirements changing from 48-55 ish units on some days to 75 plus
on others. I did mean insulin requirements not blood sugar! I would be on
the floor with 48-50 bloodsugars for days! LOL sorry for the mixup! Donna

No, Donna, I believe it was my confusion.  I believe I read your original
message too quickly.  I think I prefer getting individual emails (as opposed
to the digest) but on the days when I seem to get a hundred million emails,
I tend to wiz through them, which is what I did in your case.  (I'm glad
you're not living with blood sugars between 48 - 50 on a routine basis!
Once in a while is bad enough.)  Anyhow, next time I'm wizing, I'll take a
moment before I reply!

One thing that constantly amazes me on this list is hearing the differences
between people, from different insulin requirements to differences in pump
preferences to whatever.  But the most heartening thing is hearing when
things are the same.  A description of a low or a problem with an alarm or
frustration with an infusion set to the joy of a good HbA1c or the freedom
of eating (not eating) whenever you want.  Quite a thing we've got going
here.  Thanks all.

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