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[IP] Re: exercise and the pump

Since I started on the pump at the beginning of this year, my main exercise 
activity has been running since I've been training for a marathon. Although, 
hiking, walking, swimming and surfing are faves as well.
My CDE also suggested temp basal rates as superior to detaching. I have 
found, however, that temp basal rates work well for my long training runs 
that last between two and five hours. I reduce my basal rate by 40 percent 
starting one hour before the activity and for twice the length of time of the 
activity, i.e. six-hour temp basal for three-hour run. For shorter runs, I 
find detaching and eating carbs works better. I tried temp basals for shorter 
workouts but as I got more conditioned, this would result in lows no matter 
what. I find I do have to have some carbs even when detaching because of the 
intesity of the running.
As for where to wear the pump if you do have it attached during workouts, I 
put in in the middle of my chest underneath my sports bra. Because the bra is 
so tight, it is held very securely and comfortably there. I am small-chested, 
but I have a large-chested friend who does the same thing and it works fine.
Good luck,
dxed IDDM 9/92, pumping since 1/02

In a message dated 6/4/02 6:20:53 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< my pump trainer suggested that i 
reduce my basal rate and keep the pump on while I exercise, but i don't know 
how comfortable I am doing this during intense exercise (such as kickboxing 
or circuit training.) please let me know what some of your experiences have 
been... my fear is that if i keep the pump on while i workout, even at a 
reduced basal rate, my sugar will go low-- as it often did when i was on 
MDI. i also don't imagine it would be too comfortable to keep the pump 
clipped on to me as i'm jumping around, any suggestions on where to wear it 
if i do keep it attached? >>
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