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[IP] Re:Cholesterol and niacin

Just a quick note to anyone trying niacin or Niaspan to lower cholesterol or 
improve there HDL to LDL ratio. Niacin can raise bg levels and in some cases 
quite damatically. It also causes flushing and/or itching. It is best to take 
a baby aspirin 1 to 2 hours prior to taking the niacin. In any case it would 
be best to check with your Endo or CDE before trying it.
    I started at 500mg a day and slowly increased to 6000mg ( 3000mg is the 
recommended maximum) and it has worked wonders with my ratios. I had to do a 
small bolus in the beginning to compensate for the rise in bg. This was all 
monitered by my endo. I have a  familial or genetic type of high cholesterol, 
but the niacin has worked well coupled with other meds.                       
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