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Re: [IP] insurance woes

When my son switched insurance, he was told that they did not cover mail
order of supplies and he must get them locally.  Although we live in a large
metropolitan area, he called several medical supply places and none of them
carried MiniMed Supplies.  He called the insurance company back and said he
could find no place locally and they should give him a name of where he
could get them.  As they rattled off the local places, he said, "I've called
them and they don't carry it."  The insurance company said they'd check and
get back to him.  The next day they called and said it would be OK for him
to order directly from MM.

If you can't get supplies, make your insurance company direct you on where
you can get them locally.  In most states, they are required to provide you
with the supplies under the newer laws that states have enacted.  In MI,
it's called The Diabetes Cost Reduction Act and it was passed this year.

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
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