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Re: [IP] Re: College age Pumpers

  I'm 22 myself and went on the pump when I was 20...with many of the same 
concerns.  (Oh, and by coincidence, I was diagnosed at 14 as well!)  Anyway, 
I had the same concerns you did...and for the most part, they are gone.  The 
guys I've dated since this time have been accepting of it, although it does 
always take a little explaining.  I thought people would be turned off by 
tubing and this attachment, but for the most part I was wrong.  Admittingly, 
I do usually hide the pump when going out with friends to a club or 
something...but I tell people as soon as I get to know them.  (It's more of 
a sense of vanity I think that I hide it...I want to look good in my bar 
pants!:))  Anyway, it's made my life a lot better.  Good luck to you!  
Tricia Till

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