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[IP] DTron caution Loose translation of letter -Disetronic NL

A friend from Holland received a letter from Disetronic Netherlands   
regarding potential problems with the DTron.  She was kind enough to attempt 
to translate it for me, and I wanted to share it with you:

June 2002
subject: not meant bolusses of the D-Tron
Dear Mr. / Mrs. 
With this letter we want to give you some extra advises about working with 
the D-Tron.
Read this letter carefully.
Only a few times we did get a call about bolusses who were started 
spontaneously without pushing on a button. We are doing some research about 
how it is possible.
In chapter 3.1.1 of the large manual of the D-Tron you can read how to 
activate bolusses and how you can hear and feel that by beeps and 
Only very rarely ( very very sometimes) , you are warned by a signal that you 
did not give yourself. You can stop the bolusses by the next  actions ( 
chapter 3.1.1)
1 )  During the importing of the bolus:  By pushing the button "lower" the 
bolus wil will go to 0,0 I.E.  You can hear this by beeps. After this there 
will be no more bolus anymore. After 60 seconds it will go back in normal 
'run'. ( Signal for run is 3 short beeps).
2 )During or after you can hear that it is going to bolus.:  By pushing on 
the buttons "LOWER", "ACCORD" , or "SELECT" the beeps or vibrasignal will 
The pump will turn back in normal run ( 3 short beeps)  The bolus will not be 
3 ) During the giving of insulin.  : When the giving of insulin did already 
start you can always stop this by putting your pump on stop.
You can stop the pump by pushing the button'" select" 2 times and than the 
button "accord " 1 time.
The giving of insulin will be stopped.
After that you turn the pump in the "run"again.
In the bolus memmory you can see how much insuline has been given.
When this situation has happend to you.  We strongly recommend you to take 
your pump # 2 and  contact us  about it.
We advise you not to turn off the acoustic signal during the night.
As you know there can be a life treatning situation when you get too much 
The D-Tron can only be used by people who know how the pumps works , or who 
have people in the neighbour who know how it works.
When you have questions you can mail:  <A HREF="mailto:email @ redacted">email @ redacted</A>
We did send a letter to all diabetic specialists , nurses and organisations.
Our excuses  for this situations .
Regards  Disetronic Medical Systems BV
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