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[IP] re: Optometrists / ophthalmologists / retinologists

Jacky D wrote:
   Maybe I got my "O" named dr's wrong, sorry! What I was trying to saw was
if you walk into a dr's office and he is npt used to seeing ppl with
advanced D related eye problems, they usually will say there is not a lot we
can do for you. Low vision specialists are a sub group of optometrists, not
optometrist knows about many of the services, devices, special filters and
other things they make that can really help a person with compromised vision
live better.  <snip>
   I hope you find a dr who can help you, I understand completely you
feeling of frustration and NOT getting the help and attention you need.>>>

Well, maybe we have misunderstood bothchuther - the oph who got out of
ophthalmology did both of my cataracts ('94)even honoring my request of
general anesthesia. He sent me to Indy for a vitrectomy and did all the
follow-up care continuing to see me every 6 mos. His pocketbook was his
driving force to switch specialties. :( My vision is now 20/20 & 20/25. I
can see individual leaves on the trees at the end of our 2-block street.

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