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[IP] 6mm vs 9mm re: site irritation

I just got back on the pump after a 15 year break from being a pump guinie 
pig from 1982-87.  So far, I'm amazed by the site materials.  I do have an 
early observation and wanted to know what others think.  Out of 7 site 
changes, only the two I used with a 6mm infusion set compared to the other 
sites using a 9 mm infusion set became irritated.  Is there such a thing as 
too shallow???  I tried both direct tape and the sandwich method, but both 
sites became sore after about 24 hours.  I'm using the Paradigm and quick 
sets.  Compared to the 2 inch "IV" canulas I used to use, these infusion sets 
are remarkable.   But trying to prevent sore sites- Was this just a matter of 
bad luck?  I mean I can see why someone would want to use a shallow set to 
avoid hitting sensitive areas, but why would they just not make all of them 6 
mm vs 9 mm?  Is site irritation a reason???

Bryon Veal
email @ redacted
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