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[IP] re: Optometrists / ophthalmologists / retinologists

   Maybe I got my "O" named dr's wrong, sorry! What I was trying to saw was 
if you walk into a dr's office and he is npt used to seeing ppl with advanced 
D related eye problems, they usually will say there is not a lot we can do 
for you. Low vision specialists are a sub group of optometrists, not every 
optometrist knows about many of the services, devices, special filters and 
other things they make that can really help a person with compromised vision 
live better.  
    I now see only my low vision optometrist or my retinal specialist twice a 
year, the ophthalmologist always said my glasses were fine and he could do 
nothing for me after dilating and looking at the back of my eye (mind you, he 
checked acuity AFTER he had dilated my eyes, lol). The optometrist is and was 
very involved in helping me recreate my life. I got the feeling from 2 
different optho's I had seen that they were NOT interested in the quality of 
my life and did not really want me for a patient, so I went back to the docs 
who saved my sight and then the one who helped give me my life back.
   I hope you find a dr who can help you, I understand completely you feeling 
of frustration and NOT getting the help and attention you need. Did you try 
talking directly to your old Dr, a lot of times they will make exceptions if 
you can get past the office personnel. I even managed to work through my 
retinal specialist not accepting my insurance in the midst of a crisis, he 
gets a real nice thank you and holiday card every year!
   Jacky D.

In a message dated 6/8/2002 10:45:39 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I really like that man, he took good care of me - BUT recently he decided
> lasik surgery only would be more lucrative so dismissed all his other
> patients. :(((   I'm now seeing another on I like, but found out he's an
> optemetrist working for an oph - one of the previous ones who gave me the
> feeling of: Here's another, line her up!
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