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Re: [IP] Cholesterol

I'm interested in knowing this information too because
everything I've read says the total should be below 200
(I know it is different for children than adults but I
see mostly info for adults). Shannon's total was 247 at
last check so we are getting close. I can't imagine
trying to get that below 150 - I'm already knocking
myself out trying to get it below 200. Hers has only
budged 10-15pts per year (the last 3yrs) so at this
rate it would take a very long time to come down
another ~100pts (that thought just completely
overwhelms me. 200 seems impossible, 150 seems even
more impossible.)

Don't forget that the straight numbers aren't the only
important thing. If you have a high total cholesterol
but it is due to a high HDL (good cholesterol) then
it's not as much of a problem like if the LDL were very
high, raising the total. Know what I mean? The ratios
are important too. Shannon's LDL is high (180) and her
HDL is low (but just outside normal at 39), and
triglycerides are normal, so we just have to get those
two (LDL and HDL) to swap places. Dr doesn't want to
start a statin just yet.

Annie said:
(some snipped) Several people have said that our total
cholesterol goal should be below 150 to (among other
good results I imagine) prevent diabetic
complications.  This is astounding news to hear.  Is
there information about studies written somewhere?  Can
anyone point to resources about this? (some snipped)
I've written to my endo to ask him what he knows about
this; if he has heard of studies, etc, but I'm
wondering what you folks, or your physicians, are
basing this goal on. (some snipped) How many of you
achieve levels below 150 anyhow?
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