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[IP] Re: cholesterol


You can find out about cholesterol goals by visiting the National Cholesterol 
Education Program website at http://www.lipid.org/clin_art/ca-g.php.

Here's a short paragraph from an ADA release:

The American Diabetes Association recommends the following: The primary goal 
of therapy for adult patients with diabetes is to lower LDL cholesterol to 
<100 mg/dl (<2.60 mmol/l). A secondary goal of therapy is to raise HDL 
cholesterol to >45 mg/dl (>1.15 mmol/l) in men and >55 mg/dl (>1.40 mmol/l) 
in women. 

The primary goal of therapy for children with risk factors in addition to 
diabetes is to lower LDL cholesterol to <110 mg (<2.80 mmol/l), following the 
recommendations of the National Cholesterol Education Program's Report of the 
Expert Panel on Blood Cholesterol Levels in Children and Adolescents. 

Jan and Elvis

<< Hi, it's me again, concerned about cholesterol.  Several people have said
 that our total cholesterol goal should be below 150 to (among other good
 results I imagine) prevent diabetic complications.  This is astounding news
 to hear.  Is there information about studies written somewhere?  Can anyone
 point to resources about this?
 I guess I'm astounded because most people these days are aware of their
 cholesterol levels and I find it pretty to rare to hear of anyone with
 cholesterol below 150. Most people try to get their level under 200.  And
 those who are that low (under 150) mostly come by it naturally.  I achieve
 my level at 207 by working hard at it.  I certainly wouldn't want to start
 taking yet another drug, like Lipitor or whatever, and start compromising my
 liver, unless there were huge known benefits. >>
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