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Re: [IP] OT: Anyone know anything about a virus like this.....

At 11:26 PM 6/7/02, you wrote:
>I've been getting tons of blank emails for the past two days.  They're all
>from people I know, they have really weird subject lines, but the body of
>the email is blank.  Also, the majority of them are through hotmail.com.
>Two of the addresses are Yahoo.com.  A friend of mine has also gotten
>several blank emails.
>I'm running Norton, but not coming up with anything.  Was web mail hacked?
>Or is this a virus I haven't heard about before?
>Thanks for any info!

I have found that when my antivirus software sees an email with a virus, it 
will remove the offending file and the email will appear to be blank.  The 
Klez virus will take information from the infected person's address book 
and send itself to people in the book and will also fill in the From: with 
another name from the address book.  So, even though the From: says an 
email address, that person may have had nothing to do with sending the 
virus email.  Best thing to do is to check the email headers and see if you 
can decipher exactly where the email originated from.  Could be someone 
that you and your friend have in common.

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