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[IP] Optometrists / ophthalmologists / retinologists

Jacky D wrote:
>>> The ophthalmologists and retinal specialists are dealing with preventing
progression of eye diseases and conditions, ...>>>

That is very interesting theory - however, my optemetrist told me there was
nothing more he could do for me and I had to see an ophthalmologist. The oph
did both cataracts on me. He understood my plight completely (after 5 others
refusing me) and put me to sleep for the surgeries and hit the nail on the
head with the implants since he could not do the lens measurement ahead of
time. I worried so much about it and he said "No problem, just come to the
hosp. 1/2 hr. earlier and I'll do it while you're asleep."

I really like that man, he took good care of me - BUT recently he decided
lasik surgery only would be more lucrative so dismissed all his other
patients. :(((   I'm now seeing another on I like, but found out he's an
optemetrist working for an oph - one of the previous ones who gave me the
feeling of: Here's another, line her up!

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