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Re: [IP] Re: super low-carb diet

--- email @ redacted wrote:
> In a message dated 6/7/02 Jayne Drowns"
> <email @ redacted writes:
"> << I have celiacs and the way it was diagnosed was
> that I had the same 
> experience that you have had.  I just couldn't
> control my blood sugars while 
> eating bread, pasta, and cereals."

You guys!  Boy, I really think that I would have an
easier time if I did this as well, but it seems so
overwhelming.  I don't (can't) drink, quit smoking,
cut out ice cream and pastries and try to count my
carbs and have reduced candy and cookies.  Now, the
thought of giving up bread, rice, pasta and cereals is
very depressing..I mean it!  For the past 8 years I
have emotionally dealt with DM pretty well, but this
information seems to be hitting me like a ton of
bricks.  I just want to be normal.  Maybe I am just
finally facing the fact that despite all of the
medical advances and my trusty pump, there ain't
nuttin' normal about living with this disease.  Like
many of you have mentioned, my BGs run up and down. 
My A1c is pretty good, but only as the result of
averaging highs and lows.  I have never been able to
keep consistent normal range numbers.  I suspect from
this discussion thread that my diet, which contains a
lot of grains, is contributing to this.  Thanks for
the information everyone...not that I am necessarily
glad to hear it!  Cynthia

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