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[IP] Re: super low-carb diet

In a message dated 6/7/02 Jayne Drowns" <email @ redacted writes:

<< I have celiacs and the way it was diagnosed was that I had the same 
experience that you have had.  I just couldn't control my blood sugars while 
eating bread, pasta, and cereals.  I thought the problem was carbs, so I cut 
out nearly all carbs (to 30 grams a day).  My blood sugars were great for 
the first time since my dx - and all my GI symptoms went away.  Anyway, I am 
a true believer that giving up grains is a great idea (even for a 
non-celiac, diabetic or not). >>

Jayne, how were you diagnosed with the celiac disease?  A problem with 
avoiding the grains before a diagnosis is that if a definitive diagnosis in 
the future is sought, the results may not be "accurate".  My daughter was 
recently faced with this, getting an endoscopy after having been on a 
gluten-free diet.

But I, too, am tending to limit the grains these days -- for one thing, 
eating things that require less insulin minimizes the magniture of error in 
insulin doses.  And white flour, for me, is very unpredictable (it can either 
spike my bg or just sit there), and really high fiber cereals and grains 
(kamut, for instance) can cause real pain.  I also have trouble with meat, 
poultry, and fish, although I do try to eat some fish when my stomach is 
doing well, on the advice of my cardiologist.  And, of course, fat is a 
problem, too <gr.>. So I am a little worried about nutrition, since the last 
time I evaluated my diet, I was counting on the whole grains to contribute a 
number of things.  Anyone have good nutrition advice for vegetarian  
non-grain eaters? (Although I'm not a non-grain eater yet -- I can still eat 
small servings of rice and oats, for instance, fairly reliably.)

Linda Z
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