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Re: [IP] Re: Propulsid Availability

In a message dated 6/7/02 9:44:54 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> > 
>   We purchased it in Mexico.
> Marion

It is sold everywhere in Mexico.  I have three boxs of 50 tabs each (10mg) in 
my hand.  It is called Prepulsid in Mexico  and it is made by Janssen-Cilag.  
It is sold over the counter.  We bought it in Tijuana, Hualtuco, Sonora Bay 
and Xtapa.  

When diagnosed, my son was seen by Richard Bernstein, M.D. (author Dr. 
Bernstein's Diabetes Solution) who felt that Gabe was having trouble 
digesting dinner (especially protein).  Gabe took Propulsid for a while. 

Gabe still has trouble digesting protein at dinner (b.g. rise 6-8 hours after 
a meal).  We eliminated meat and chicken at dinner and started using Humalog 
instead of Regular and all carbs at dinner.  That helped.  Also, we now have 
a pump was so can use extended wave boluses for protein but we generally 
avoid it at dinner.

I just threw away a bunch of Propulsid.  I have three boxes left here that I 
don't need, but I don't know if it is legal to send them to someone...I am 
not an M.D.  You're welcome to them if you want them if I can legally send 
them to you.

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