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[IP] Re: Freestyle meter & strips

> I don't know about the rest of you, but I agree with Jayne, I have been using
> the Freestyle for 2 years and 7 months, I LOVE IT!!!
LOL wow.....the Freestyle really seems to be a "love it or hate it"
meter!  (although I guess I'm somewhere inbetween)....

> So now I have a One Touch Ultra that I can't
> and won't use, ever!!!!  If you want it Laura, or any one else, just
> email me
> and I will break all speed records to get it mailed off to you,
> promise.
> Tina

Thanks for the offer, but actually I bought one yesterday!  It was $65
at Walmart, all of which I can get back with the rebate/trade-in
(haven't decided yet whether to send them my old Complete for the
trade-in, but I'll get the rebate anyway).

Anyway....the jury's still out on which meter I prefer (Ultra or
Freestyle). Here are some observations:

The blood sample required by the Ultra really is substantially bigger.
Forearm testing isn't practical (for me) with it.  Not too big a deal --
I don't think forearm testing is any "less painful", but there are times
when bleeding fingertips are inconvenient.  :-)

I do find the "blood application process" a lot easier with the Ultra,

My readings on the Ultra seem pretty consistently to be about 5-10
points lower than my Freestyle readings, even though both meters are
supposedly calibrated to plasma equivilant. (So I'm hoping the Ultra is
more accurate!  LOL)  Out of curiousity....do any other Ultra users find
their readings on the Ultra to be lower than on other meters? (Or their
Freestyle readings to be higher than on other meters?)

The carrying case for the Ultra is a BIG improvement over the
Freestyle!  I never liked the Freestyle case at all.  For such a small
meter, it was HUGE!  The meter itself is a fraction of the size of my
Complete, but the case was close to the same size as the Complete case.
Who designs these things, anyway?

Anyway, I think both meters have their advantages and disadvantages.
But I may use the Ultra for a month or so and see how I like it once I'm
used to it.

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