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[IP] Re: meters and lancets

In a message dated 6/6/2002 11:00:04 AM Central Daylight Time, Marisa writes:

> I love the OneTouch Ultra too.  I like to 5 second test, the fact that the
> meter is compact, and the small blood sample.  I also like that we have the
> option to do alternative site testing, although we have not tried it yet.
> My son prefers to use his lancet from the Accucheck Advantage.
I also like the One Touch Ultra and use the Softclix that came from my 
Accucheck Complete.  You just have to twist the Softclix to "reset" the 
lancet and can use it over without having to open it up and push the lancet 
down so it saves time when you re-use the lancets.  I did like the way the 
Accu-check Complete stored the data and you could look at BG values by time 
of day but the Ultra is much faster (5 sec vs. 40).  I heard there will be an 
Ultra plus that will store more data.  I hope it will use the same strips so 
I can get it and use my current for backup.  I also liked the back light that 
the Accucheck complete had but now I have a Precision Xtra that works well in 
the dark if I need it (back light, light for placing blood on the strip, 
glows in the dark if exposed to light).  It just takes longer and I don't 
like that the strips are individually wrapped (too slow for daily use).

Type 1 for 28 + years, pumping for almost 3 years.
Testing BG for about 19 years!
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