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Re: [IP] Fever, Rash and bgs-help please

>      I was wondering if anyone could help me out with this.  My daughter
> Claire age 8, pumping one year, DM five years, is sick.  A couple of days
> she developed a rash and then a fever.  When the tylenol started working
> lower the fever she felt just fine that night.  Her bgs were great all
> actually running on the low side.
>      I took her to the doctor and he said he thought it was Scarlet Fever,
> which can develop after strep throat.  He swabbed her throat and said to
> start her on a very high dose of penicillin.  <snip> I have found it
impossible to get Claire to
> take the penicillin.  She keeps throwing it up, gagging etc.  and I don't
> want to continue to go through this torture if it isn't necessary (ie a
> thing instead).
> Barbara, Mum of Claire 8


My dtr. had scarlet fever years ago. Her cheeks looked like raw porkchops. I
was scared to death, knowing how my mom had ignored my troubles for 8 years
with boils, sties, and carbuncles. When I took her to the dr. he asked *When
did her troubles begin*. That put a whole new twist on it for me - as she'd
had a sore throat and missed some school a few days, then back to school,
then off again. About the 10th day this happened. When he told me it was
S.F. I cried there in the office.

It had been strep and after that I never ignored any sore throat. The dr.
gave her two full shots of penicillin - one in each *cheek*, and pills. I
think I crushed them in applesauce (I think she was 8 or 9) - could you try
that? Has Claire previously complained of a sore throat?

I really wouldn't play around with Tylenol or something but do what you can
to make the penicillin tolerable - and recontact that doc for proper results
of the test. This could even turn to rheumatic fever. Strep is very serious
stuff. My best to you and  Claire. Let us know what happens.

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