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Re: [IP] propulsid

  Sorry, but Propulsid and Cisapride are one in the same. Yes, you can get a heart arrhythmias from it but you need to take it with another drug to do. I was one of the first persons in the USA to take it back in the 80's, it helps a great deal but after a time it would stop working for me. I would when start on IV Erythromycin, the only way I can be sure I get it in my body. But after a time it to stops working too. So for many years I would that Propulsid for 18 months to 2 years, when start on the IV Erythro.  I don't know about the compassionate use program, because not one of my doctor would do the paperwork.  If you can get it from somewhere please send me a note where. As I will be running out of my supply in  Jan03.

I decided to jump in here on the propulsid discussion.  Michael, the compassionate use program has been stopped because the drug company withdrew its request for FDA approval.  I know because I was one of the compassionate users. The drug is absolutely necessary to keep me from vomiting uncontrollably; no other drug worked.  I was therefore distressed by the post saying that I would have heart arrhythmias--I don't believe that that is true. I filled out LOTS of paperwork to get on the program, and that was not one of
the side effects.  (That occurred with Cisapride, which was withdrawn from the market).  The drug has been used safely in Canada and in Europe for many years.  Anyway, I get propulsid from Canada now. Barbara Ziegler


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