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[IP] Cataract Surgery

I worked for 15 yrs with the best Ophthalmologist in Arkansas.  The standard 
question is:  "Are you having trouble seeing to do the things you want to 
do?"  If the answer is yes, and of course your VA was 20/40- or worse.  It 
was time.
You must also take into consideration the condition of the other eye.  If you 
have the use of only one eye, the one with the cataract in it, than of course 
you would want to weigh he risk/benefits of the procedure.
Now that the surgery has become no stitch, no patch, no anest. but just the 
numbing drops the recovery time is considerably less.  Also, being myself a 
diabetic I saw some of the diabetic pts. with blood in their eye the 
following day which, of course dissipated soon there after.
With the newest techniques, the incision is made on the edge of the cornea 
where there are no vessels, therefore no blood!
I am having mine done next month.  My thoughts.......Jackie P
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