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Re: [IP] Re:unexplained high no illness

> I am reading Marilyns messages and completly understand! Twice now, for no
apparent reason I have woke up with a 300 plus bs. My insulin needs on those
two days went from my normal 48-56ish to 75 or 80. The next day my bs was
fine?? I still don't know what the problem was??? Hang in there Marilyn it
will get  better even if you don't figure out why!!!>

How can "48-56ish" be normal?  This seems extremely low to me.  Are you from
somewhere other than the US and use a different scale?  Even 75-80 can be
low for me, despite the fact that I can walk around and (think I can )
function at 30.  Please explain!  Thanks.
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