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Re: [IP] Upgrading to a newer pump

> Sorry Annie. I know how you feel with the "pump
> vacation". I very quickly discovered that the teflon
> sets didn't work on me. Soaring BGs. I use the metal
> needles, and for whatever reason, they only work half
> the time these days. Frustrating - especially when
> docs scratch their heads and run out of ideas.
> I haven't upgraded to the pump for the same reason as
> Annie - have to keep switching back and forth between
> different infusion sets to keep things running at all.
> Consider yourself lucky if you don't have to worry
> about it!
> Catherine

Catherine! Thank you thank you thank you.  I have felt like I was the only
pumper in the world who had such a hard time with infusion sets.  I feel a
little better knowing that I'm not alone, but I feel sorry that you are also
struggling.  I would really appreciate hearing from you if you find a
solution to your infusion set woes.

I am currently working with the nurse practitioner in my endo's office, who
is giving me lots of her time.  We're trying to nail down my insulin
requirements off the pump and then we're inviting MiniMed in to nail down
the pump.  It almost feels like starting all over again, except that I am
doing better with Lantus than I ever did with Lente (NPH and I never did get

I spoke with her today about my cholesterol, which I had asked about because
people here were talking about where diabetics' levels should be.  She ( and
my endo) are very pleased with my levels and I felt reassured because I was
hearing something different here.  My total cholesterol is 207, my HDL is 89
(which she said is good and helps my LDL), my LDL is 103, and my
triglycerides are 76 (which she said is low and is also very good).  We're
going to discuss them at my next appointment but she wanted me to know that
she and my doc think they are excellent and they don't think I need to do
anything differently.  I just need to figure out my insulin and pmp stuff so
I can get back on the pump!  So, no, my LDL is not below 100 and my total
isn't near 150, but I think my combination is good.  One less thing to worry
about, I guess.
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