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Re: [IP] Air bubbles

I noticed the appearance of bubbles in my paradigm too, when there were none 
to start with. I use enough Humalog that I just leave the bottle out at all 
times. What I discovered helped the most was to warm the insulin to BODY 
temperature before filling the resevoir - about 15 minutes before I do the 
set change, I put the bottle in my bra =) (would probably work just as well 
in a pocket) and I have had far fewer bubbles. Any bubbles I do get are 
always in the last day before I change the set. YMMV

Type 1 7 years, pumping with "Buzz" the paradigm for 3 weeks now

><snip>I have a question for all of you. I have found that when  I do a 
>sight and
>reservoir change on my Paradigm, I start out without any air bubbles in the
>but over the course of the days I will notice air bubbles in the window.
>When I did my pump start up, I remember the insulin being at room temp. and
>I did not have any air bubbles during the use of that reservoir. This time
>I let the insulin sit out for 1/2 hour prior to the sight change and have
>not had any bubbles form as of yet. Has anyone else had this experience?
>Tips, tricks etc?

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