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Re: [IP] super low-carb diet


I have celiacs and the way it was diagnosed was that I had the same 
experience that you have had.  I just couldn't control my blood sugars while 
eating bread, pasta, and cereals.  I thought the problem was carbs, so I cut 
out nearly all carbs (to 30 grams a day).  My blood sugars were great for 
the first time since my dx - and all my GI symptoms went away.  Anyway, I am 
a true believer that giving up grains is a great idea (even for a 
non-celiac, diabetic or not).  I try not to push it on anyone because I know 
it is a little extreme, but that doesn't mean I can't be supportive if 
you've come around to it on your own!

I have learned all kinds of tricks over the last couple of years to cut 
carbs and to avoid grains, but what I have come around to is lots of yummy 
veggies, legumes, nuts, and fish.  There was a time that I would not have 
been at all satisfied by a plate of sauteed greens and a piece of salmon, 
but now I can't think of anything better.

If you need any advice or recipes, give me a hollar at email @ redacted


Anyway, is anyone else cutting out big
>portions of complex carbs? Now I know what it's like
>to have celiac disease or food allergies where your
>diet is extremely limited. It sucks.

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