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[IP] Re: High Cholesterol

I have been fighting high cholesterol all my life. I now take 120 mg. of 
Lipitor a day(40mg above maximum) and 6000 mg. of niacin.(yes 6000 mg) and I 
finally have my cholesterol within a reasonable range.Last Dr. appt. it was 
202. Both HDL an LDL were in normal range. I do have blood work done every 3 
months to check for signs of any liver damage. So far nothing has changed 
except my cholesterol profile. There is no doubt that my a1c staying between 
6 and 6.2 has also been a major contributing factor. I know this is fairly 
extreme; however, considering my cholesterol would run above 400 even on a 
"real" vegetarian diet, and that I have had one heart attack, it is working. 
Perhaps a more moderate approach would work for others. Check with your Dr.   
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