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[IP] Re: Glucagon recall

My pharmacist, Jeff called me yesterday and had me read the lot numbers off 
the packages.  Mine were not recalled.  My husband has used glucagon that 
has been out of date in the past and it has worked well.

Joyce Walsh pumping 9+ years
Richmond, BC  Canada

------------------original message-----------------------
>From: "Andrea Marshall" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] Glucagon recall?

>Has anyone heard of a Glucagon recall? We had a call where I work that 
> >there
>were 2 "lots" of glucagon being recalled - when I checked at home - my
>current glucagon has one of the lot numbers on it - but it has not >shown 
>in the news/consumer recall info - or even on EI Lilly's homepage - >just
>curious if anyone had heard of this recall??

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