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Re: [IP] unexplained high sugars with no illness

> Jim, 
> Thanks for your suggestion.  Right now my son's sugar came down to
> 340.  I'll keep monitoring it and if it stays high I'll try another
> new bottle of insulin.  Could it be a growth spurt, maybe?

Could be lots of things, the trick is to isolate what you know and 
try to eliminate the ones that are unreasonable. From my observation 
about growth spurts, the don't come on instantly and are responsive 
to bolus's. With a change in overall insulin needs (growth spurt), it 
always seemed to me that bg's would come down then begin to climb 
again with an overall pattern of running high but with the 
corrections bring thing back close to normal. When this had persisted 
over a period of a few days, it was always time to tweak basals and 
ratios a bit -- usually not a whole bunch at any one time. YMMV
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